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Manitoba’s favourite family restaurant arrives

An artist's rendering of the new Salisbury House to be built in Steinbach.

A new option for eating out has rolled into town, or at least, construction has begun. Eager patrons can expect the doors of the new Salisbury House in Steinbach to open in 6 months time if the build goes as expected. The restaurant, which is situated on Highway 12 between the Day’s Inn and Funk’s Toyota, will be the first location a Salisbury House has opened outside of Winnipeg in 30 years.

Earl Barish, President and CEO for Salisbury House, says that the decision to set-up a permanent location in city of Steinbach was given careful consideration and that he is excited to be opening a restaurant in such a “wonderfully, positive” city. He also noted that Steinbach is one of the fastest growing communities in Manitoba.

“When I toured the neighbourhood, I found that people obviously have a lot of pride in Steinbach,” notes Barish. “I could tell that the people who lived there, their city is very important to them. And that was an important part.”

Barish also commented on the attractiveness of Steinbach from a business perspective, pointing out the abundance of industry and construction currently taking place in the city centre.

As for the restaurant’s design, Barish said that the Steinbach location will mostly closely resemble the newest of their 14 current, permanent restaurants because that (the location on Pembina and Stafford) has been their most successful to date. He also mentioned that the Steinbach restaurant will include a museum section as seen in their other locations, but that they will also display unique pieces that represent the Steinbach area in addition to nostalgic pieces related to Salisbury House.

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