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Downtown project to benefit residents and businesses


Downtown Steinbach is in the early stages of a dramatic overhaul which promises new opportunities for residents, visitors and businesses alike. Three potential development plans were recently presented by the consulting firm Stantec. All three plans include proposals for arena expansions, a multi-use field house and a performing arts centre. All three also come with budgets in excess of $65 million, with the priciest hovering around $73 million.

A six to eight week public consultation process is currently underway and Stantec plans to connect with city residents and key groups before progressing with any further recommendations. According to Steinbach major Chris Goertzen, the hope is that a concrete plan is in place before the year’s end.

In addition to the new downtown development, Steinbach City Council is also reviewing the city’s zoning bylaws with the intention of making amendments. The council has expressed a desire to increase the number of mixed used, commercial-residential buildings. Like the downtown development, the review of the zoning bylaws is still in its early stages and the city intends to host an open house to seek additional feedback once a draft of the proposed changes is completed.

You can view the project proposals here.

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