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Like Gardening? Join the club.


Gardening season is here, and whether you have a green thumb or are relatively new to the craft, the Steinbach & Area Garden Club is a great resource for tips, ideas and general knowledge. If you aren’t familiar with the club this is some of what they offer:

Support for novices:

Karen Loewen, President of the Steinbach & Area Garden Club, notes that one of the primary interests of the club is to promote the art, science and “how to” of gardening – especially to new gardeners. So there’s no reason to be shy and there’s no better place to acquire the know-how you need to get going. Likewise, if you are an experienced gardener, the club is a great way to share your knowledge and passion with others.


On top of learning about plants, soil, sunlight and insects, what better way to meet like-minded people than through a shared interest. Not only do members of the club support each other in the gardening craft, but many friendships have ‘bloomed’ as a result (pardon the pun). Programs like “Trees for Tomorrow” are also a great way of contributing to the surrounding community.

 Frequent Speakers:

The club regularly invites guest speakers to discuss their specific areas of expertise. Erna Wiebe, of Oakridge Garden Centre, recently gave a talk covering lilac varieties and growing conditions, while in February the respected horticulturist, author and international garden tour guide Sara Williams gave a fascinating 2 hour talk on the history of gardens in Great Britain.


Every August the Garden Club arranges a day trip for members with the purpose of visiting horticulturally significant locations that offer something of unique interest to gardeners. Past trips have included tours of the Northern Sun Farm Co-op, Manitoba Tall Grass Prairie Preserve, Peace Gardens, the Lily Festival in Neepawa and Victoria Beach.

Other events

Plant sales, seminars, exclusive shopping nights at local garden centres and, of course, monthly meetings. Find out the schedule for 2015 on the events section of the Garden Club’s website.


Can’t make it out in person? Check out the Garden Club’s blog and resource section for tips, how-to’s and Q&A. Find both here:

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