Land is more than just land

It’s a chance to invest in the future

Our Goals

Westshield Developments Ltd. is a Canadian residential and industrial development company dedicated to realizing potential and creating possibilities. We are committed to providing a fair, positive and transparent experience for builders, investors, and home buyers alike. Westshield Developments Ltd. provides amenities and features that streamline development and foster desirable lifestyles.

Land is more than just land – it’s a chance to invest in the future!

Our mission is to be recognised for developments that grow and provide opportunities for years to come.

More about Westshield

Westshield Developments Ltd. is a trusted developer of vibrant and accommodating communities, offering residents quality homes and lifestyles.


Westshield Developments is perfect if:

You want a new home for your family
You are buying your first home
You are looking to rent a home in a great area
You want to increase your revenue through real estate
You want to work with trusted developers

Also benefit from:

A welcoming, dynamic community
Lower taxes and entry costs
Affordable cost of living
Excellent schools and health care